BraveNewCode: One WordPress Mobile Plugin To Rule Them All


It looks like PadPressed will be facing some competition as one of their rivals is not only embracing the iPad, but offering WordPress bloggers a less expensive price.

WPtouch ProTM has gained worldwide attention providing unique, rich and beautiful mobile experiences for website visitors on touch-based smart phones.

With WPtouch Pro 2.1, that great experience has been redefined and brought to the iPadTM, with a user-interface tailored for the iPad experience. […]

Since WPtouch Pro on iPad is a part of WPtouch Pro 2.1 (starting at only $39), you get incredible value, great features, product support & future upgrades— all at an extremely competitive, affordable price. (Official BraveNewCode Blog) [Read more…]

WordPress Helps Bring Transparency To Group Blogs

After releasing a social plugin to the WordPress masses, it looks like the boys and girls at Automattic (the creators of WordPress) have unveiled another feature that might appeal to group bloggers everywhere.

Have you ever read one of your old posts and thought something was different? Maybe a few words were changed, the formatting was different, or an entire paragraph was missing. You poured your heart and soul into the post and didn’t know someone changed it after you hit publish. If this sounds familiar, you probably have a multi-author blog. :-)

Today we’re launching a feature called Email Post Changes to help blogs with multiple authors collaborate better on the same posts and pages. If you turn it on, we’ll instantly notify you by email whenever a change is made to a post on your site. You’ll recognize the format of the email is the same as post revisions, making it easy to see exactly what has changed. (Official WordPress Blog)

This collaboration tool is very useful for group blogs (especially those with a lead editor), as contributers can be alerted to necessary changes to posts (i.e. grammar, spelling, etc.) which will hopefully improve future content upon the site.

It can also be used as a tool to alert you of “mysterious affiliate links” appearing in your posts if a hacker gains access to your blog.

Email Post Changes is currently live for users, although Automattic has created a WordPress plugin for those of you who choose to host your WP blog upon your own server.

ShareDaddy By WordPress (And Why You Should Use It)


After announcing plans of releasing a social plugin for fans, it looks as if Automattic has successfully ported their feature for the self hosting masses.

Anointed as ShareDaddy, this plugin allows WordPress fans to easily insert social buttons into their blog without having to dabble with lots of code.

Although there are other social plugin options available (such as the official Twitter and Facebook like buttons) WordPress fans may want to skip the alternatives and use ShareDaddy instead. [Read more…]

WordPress Releasing Social Plugin Next Week?

Following the footsteps of Blogger and OnSugar (a Drupal blog service), it looks like Automattic has finally embraced social buttons for fans.

While this feature was long overdue, Automattic has also announced that they will be porting this feature for those who choose to self host.

Starting today there is a new way for your readers to share the posts on your blog with friends. This feature allows you to add sharing functionality from a range of services to the bottom of your blog posts. […]

We have also added stats for all activity around this feature so you will be able to see what content people are sharing and on what services. Check out the sharing support article for more information on getting setup. Note: We will also be realizing [sic] this as a plugin next week. (Official WordPress Blog)

Although fans can already install various social buttons (like Twitter and the Facebook Like button) via plugins, more often than not the buttons are an eyesore.

As one can see in the video below, Automattic’s implementation should help resolve that issue by presenting a more elegant interface. [Read more…]

Akismet To Legacy WordPress Blogs: It’s Time To Embrace The Future

Calendar Icon: Wordpress

Akismet, a tool by Automattic (the creators of WordPress) have announced that WordPress bloggers refusing to embrace 3.0 could find themselves in a world of hurt in the future.

Version 2.4 of the Akismet plugin for WordPress is available now. This is a maintenance release that fixes some bugs, and includes some preparation for new features in a forthcoming version. […]

This version retains backwards compatibility with old versions of WordPress, but it is the last major release that will do so. The next release of the Akismet plugin will require WordPress 3.0. We’ll continue to maintain the 2.4 branch of Akismet with security updates for users who are unable to upgrade from old WordPress versions. (Official Akismet Blog)

Note: Emphasis theirs

The latest update sends all comments deleted by Akismet to your trash bin (which will solves the “my comments never show dilemma”) as well as various bug fixes.

Although the techs at Automattic are kind enough to keep 2.4 alive for legacy WP blogs, users refusing to update their blogs may find their comment section overwhelmed by human spammers in the future.

If ones host (or WP service platform) is preventing them from updating their blog to 3.0, then users should seriously consider finding a new host ASAP or outsource their comment threads to IntenseDebate or Disqus (both with support Akismet).

(Image Credit: Norebbo)

Need To Make Your WordPress Blog iPad Friendly? There’s A Plugin For That!


Despite the fact that millions of iPads have been sold to consumers, very few bloggers have tailored their sites to that niche group (aside from making their blogs HTML5 friendly).

While the iPad’s large screen may make an iPad friendly layout unnecessary for most users, blogging pros may want to exercise more control over the appearance of their site without going bankrupt hiring a theme developer.

Fortunately for WordPress fans, there is now a plugin by Jason Baptiste that makes your blog iPad friendly without having you touch a single line of code.

PadPressed is a WordPress plug-in built to deliver the best browsing experience for your readers on an iPad. When a reader visits your blog from their iPad it is automatically formatted to be tablet ready with swipe to advance gestures, accelerometer aware column formatting, touch navigation, and more. PadPressed makes your blog function like a native iPad app. (PadPressed)

Unlike many of the free mobile plugins bloggers use to make their sites viewable upon various smartphones, PadPressed is a premium app that will set back publishers $50 (a price some bloggers may balk at).

Despite the cost, PadPressed looks impressive overall, although it will be interesting to see if other mobile plugin developers follow the lead of PadPressed by releasing similar plugins.

(via TechCrunch)

Getting Ready For WordPress 2.8: Plugin Compatibility

The target release date for WordPress 2.8 is June 10th, and I’m sure you’re as anxious to press that update now button in the admin interface as I am. But hold on, you need to make sure that you’re plugins are compatible. So how do you do that? One solution is to find the plugin’s homepage, which might the directory, but chances are most plugins haven’t been updated for 2.8 there yet, wether if it just a compatibility notice or an actual plugin update. Enter WordPress Plugin Compatibility Checker, a 5,000+ list of WordPress plugins and what they need. Impressive!

Weblog Tools Collection WordPress Plugin Competition 3.0

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Weblog Tools Collection WordPress Plugin Competition logoThere is no doubt in the WordPress Community. The best Plugin competition has started: The Weblog Tools Collection WordPress Plugin Competition 2009 (3.0).

If you are new to the WordPress Community, you may not even know that you are probably using a WordPress Plugin generated during a past WTC WordPress Plugin Competition. There have been some incredible great and innovative – not to mention useful – WordPress Plugins such as: [Read more…]

WordPress News: BuddyPress News, WordPress 2.8 News, WordCamp Toronto & Virginia, Feeds, and More

WordPress 2.8 News: The final stages of development, testing, and patching is underway for the release of WordPress 2.8. The latest news on the next version of WordPress includes: [Read more…]