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The 7 Features of a Successful Product Demo Video

The 7 Features of a Successful Product Demo Video

A product demo video is simple, in theory, but pulling off a successful demo video is more nuanced than you might imagine. While every product is different, there are some key elements that can, universally, make your product video more appealing and more convincing to the masses.

So what are the key features that make a product demo video successful?

The Most Important Features

If your product demo video contains all of these features, you’ll have a higher likelihood of convincing your audience of your product’s merit:

1. Conciseness. First, your video needs to be as concise as possible. People want to see what your product is and how it works in the shortest amount of time possible. Remember, the key advantage to videos over written text is their ability to convey more information in a shorter amount of time, so take advantage of it. Tyme styling irons, for example, showcase how to use their product in the span of 30 seconds. If you can get your demo under a minute, you’ll be in good shape; if there’s more to say after that, you can create another video for a more in-depth look at your product’s features.

2. Approachability. Shopify’s product demo video has gotten a lot of attention, in part because of how approachable it is. Approachability can be achieved in a number of different dimensions, but first and foremost, an approachable video is a friendly one. The voice in Shopify’s video is warm, inviting, clear, and focused, making it easy for anyone to remain engaged.

3. User focus. It’s not all about the product (even though that’s a top focus). The real target here is the user. Make sure your demo video explains why users might benefit from your product, and what the average user experience is like.

4. Simplicity. Don’t throw too many bells and whistles into your demo video, even though it seems like the more information you include, the better. As a general rule, simplistic demo videos outperform complex ones because they’re easier to digest and are less confusing.

5. Entertainment value. You want your users to see the logical value of your product, but you also don’t want them to be bored. Your video should contain some kind of entertainment value, whether that’s through humor, beautiful designs, or immersive music. For example, Lucky Ant’s product demo video introduces a number of colorful characters in an entertaining animation, with clever business names like “Florist Gump.”

6. Originality. What happens if your video hits all the criteria above, but it looks like every other demonstration video on the market? People aren’t going to watch it. Your video also needs to be original, doing something that no one has ever done before. Take this explainer video for Panorama 9, which uses 8-bit graphics and styling to present the startup in a video game style.

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7. Memorability. What good is your product demo video if your users forget what you’re trying to sell by the end of it? What if they don’t remember your brand name, or forget how to use your product by the time they get their hands on it? A good product demo video is a memorable one, so if yours doesn’t seem to stick out in your users’ minds, you need to do more to call out the most important features. People tend to remember novel and surprising experiences, so make good use of striking, unexpected turns—and don’t forget to repeat your key points to drive them home.

What to Do With Your Product Demo Video

Let’s say you’ve created the ideal product demo video—it fulfills all the criteria we listed and, therefore, has a high chance of converting audiences. What do you do from there? You need to make sure your product demo video is seen or it won’t make an impact on anybody.

Start by including your demo video on your homepage, or on your product and services pages (where appropriate). Then, syndicate it out on your social media platforms, and use it in marketing materials, such as email blasts or landing pages.

You may also want to AB test your demo video with an alternate variation to see which one performs better (and keep the winner). Remember, the goal is to achieve engagements, conversions, and more customer loyalty, so only keep a video that allows you to achieve those goals.

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