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Using Memes In Your Online Marketing Strategy

Using Memes In Your Online Marketing Strategy

Chances are that you’ve encountered a meme in one form or the other, even if you’re not aware of it. As a matter of fact, it is nearly impossible to be an Internet user and not know what memes are.

A  meme can be a photo, a song, a short video, an animation or a GIF that contains ironic and yet comical messages. The text is used to provide commentary to a picture or any other meme format and the combination of the text and images is what makes a meme funny.  Although their main goal is to amuse, memes can be used for a wide array of purposes, including marketing.

As the Infographic created by the Wondershare Filmora team shows, memes have been rising in popularity since the early 2000s and today they are one of the most popular types of online entertainment. Let’s check the details about how to make a meme to promote the brand. 

What Makes Memes a Powerful Advertising Tool?

Over the course of the last decade, a meme has become one of the most frequently searched terms on Google. In 2018 alone, memes have more than 6 million searches per month, which is the reason why an increasing number of online marketers uses them in their online marketing campaigns.

using memes marketing

Young people who belong to the Millennial generation or the Generation Z spend over 200 minutes online every day and a large portion of them searches and shares memes. Such state of things provides a huge opportunity for companies that produce products aimed at younger generations as memes can help them establish a better connection with their ideal target group. 

Besides being a gateway to a sizeable market, memes can also be used to convey marketing messages. The Filmora’s infographic indicates that we can only remember 10% of a message we read, but when the same text is combined with an image we can retain as much as 65% of that message. Memes are not only more memorable than most other available advertising tools, but they are more light-hearted and entertaining as well. Humor has always been one of the most effective marketing techniques, and memes offer an inexpensive way to amuse your potential clients.

using memes marketing

Making Memes For Marketing Purposes

If you want your online marketing strategy to work, you can’t just take the first meme you discover on Reddit and use it to advertise your products and services. You have to approach the task of choosing the right meme carefully and think of a combination of text and images that best reflects your values.

In order to go viral, a meme must be trendy, funny and unique because generic memes are not going to get much attention from the online community. You can use a popular meme in a different context, create a new meme or even participate in an ongoing challenge, to increase your brand’s visibility and improve the sales of your products. The important thing is to offer your own unique perspective on the topic you’re commenting on, and to remember that each meme you share online must have a healthy dose of humor.

Having an account on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Reddit will help you reach the target audience faster since you can use hashtags related to the topic of your meme to reach new potential clients who are not yet your followers.

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How to Create an Image/a GIF/a video Meme

There are many online meme generators that you can use nowadays. But most of them will have a watermark in the made meme. To remove the watermark, you may need to pay. While, Filmora team just released a fast and free online meme maker for videos, GIFs and images.

meme maker

Filmora Meme Maker is totally FREE and there is no watermark in the meme. To create a meme, just drag the media file or paste the URL to load the meme video, GIF or image, and then add text inside or outside the image. You can customize the text color, size, position and font.

Do you think memes can be used as an advertising tool? Leave a  comment and lets us know, and feel free to share the Filmora’s infographic to show your colleagues and friends that memes can help them improve their online marketing strategies.

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